About us

Zhero serves London’s arts, interiors, fashion, and photoshoot industries with the logistics solutions they need. Our mission is to offer green logistics, whilst providing clients with unrivalled levels of service.

Who are Zhero?

Ollie King is a logistics veteran within the high end furniture, interior design and photoshoot industries. For Ollie, client relationships are paramount, and meeting their needs are the cornerstone of his ethos. Having overseen high-profile installation projects, event logistics, sculpture and art installs for 15 years, he has an enviable client base. Ollie believes that the logistics industry needs to hold up to its environmental impacts, and quickly, and sees scope for innovation in this sector.
Joe Sharpe is a committed environmentalist and systems thinker. Having cut his teeth for a London-based courier firm, he went on to manage operations for environmental conservation organisations in the developing world. Joe seeks to rethink urban logistics to make the way we receive goods and services more environmentally and socially equitable. He holds a Master of Science in Human Ecology, Critical Sustainability Studies from Lund University, Sweden.
Ollie and Joe have combined operations experience of more than twenty years, managing large teams and fleets of vehicles.

They fully understand the challenges of urban logistics, having also worked as bicycle and van couriers, high-end furniture and lighting installers, and as on-site project managers throughout their careers. Together, they have designed and implemented workflow, scheduling, and fleet management systems for established logistics companies.

Zhero is the outcome

Who uses Zhero?

Our client base includes galleries, interior designers, makers, retailers, manufacturers, photographic studios, fashion and arts industry professionals. How products reach consumers are often the missing part in our clients’ sustainability challenge. Serious effort goes into producing products that are as environmentally sustainable as possible, yet those same products are delivered to homes, offices, and businesses in out–dated and polluting modes of transport.

Zhero fills this gap
"In my 30 years of working, this has been the best courier experience I have ever had!
We are so impressed, thank you! We will for sure use you again!!"


"Not only were you seamless and swift in the art shipping side but your art installation service and de-rig is exceptional and one I will be recommending to all our clients."

Helium London

"Thank you so much for this! It’s the best inventory I’ve had in 6 years, as was your professional moving job. I am so impressed! You guys have got a bright future!"

Stanhope PLC

Why zero emissions?

Transport has overtaken energy generation as the biggest single source of UK carbon emissions. In 2018 the Mayor of London announced that London will become a ‘zero carbon city by 2050. Calls for a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ are being made across the globe, with activists, businesses and governments declaring their commitment to making all sectors of industry more sustainable. As a progressive global city, London is at the forefront of this transition, with business leaders aiming to go above and beyond the targets set by government bodies.

As experienced professionals in the transport and logistics sector, at Zhero we understand the role of urban transport in meeting these challenges.

The majority of logistics providers in London are being forced to adapt their businesses to meet regulatory and consumer demands for lowered or reduced emissions, cleaner streets, and more efficient transport. At Zhero, our model started from the opposite end of the spectrum: we began with a premise of zero emissions, and worked backwards to solve logistical problems. Whilst existing operators have ‘sunk’ costs in ageing, polluting and fuel-inefficient fleets, at Zhero we have built our fleet from the ground up, using the latest technology, in the knowledge that London will be a ‘carbon net-zero’ city by 2050.

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